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Our tiered system.

In our consultation community, we have a three tier client system. Whenever anyone signs a client, we all celebrate in the community together whether it’s just a small fish or a huge whale.


Book in a quick 15 Minute demo call with us.


We will put together a strategy that will help scale or grow your agency.


We'll then put the plan into action and start implementing our strategy's straightaway!


Clients who pay:

$1,000-3,000 per month

You get a couple of these clients and you’re already making a full time income. We get students catching fish everyday!


Clients who pay:

$3,000-8,000 per month

This is where you’re getting into more serious territory. One of these clients and you can quit your job! It’s always a proud day when students sign their first shark.


Clients who pay:

$8,000+ per month

This one client alone will bring you more than $100,000 in a year. This is the greatest catch of all- they’re the North Star for everyone in the community!

Our mission.

We’re on a mission to reform the education system by bringing our customers the best online business programs the world has ever seen. Period.

We’re here to help nurture & grow the next breed of agencies. Traditional education is outdated, invalid & overpriced.

Our courses aim to deliver 10x the impact on your income for 1/100 of the price tag of a regular college education.

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hear From Our Clients

Within 2 months of starting my Agency. I built a six-figure (yearly) agency. And Within the first 3 months I was making well over $20K from my agency alone.

Jennifer Walton

SMMA Agency Owner

His philosophy of business principles first has helped me scale from $9k in e-commerce retainers and affiliate marketing to around $15k within 90 days.

William Derrick

E-commerce Owner


Our programs look to instill what Farayi calls ‘Hawk Eye’. This is the key skill you need if you’re going to build a profitable agency.

Through our programs we make sure you’ve got a hawk eye over every aspect of the business. That you understand how to run and manage an agency like a real 6 & 7-Figure agency owner.

We go to extreme lengths to make sure that you have all our tools & protocols in true plug n’ play fashion. We do most of the heavy lifting for you.


Our goal whenever we create a program is to make it 100x better than University for less than 1% of the price.

We’re also looking to make our online programs 10x better than masterminds & courses out there that cost $50,000+

We intentionally underprice our programs knowing that if we can be better AND cheaper than the rest of the market, we’ll execute our vision of reforming the education system


We’ve made the commitment to pump 10% of company profits into building schools in underdeveloped countries.

We have a ‘full circle’ vision.

A vision to grow a company that instills change in both sides of the world, those that have been failed by modern education and those that never got education at all.

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